Wood. Water. Welcome.


supCAT boards start with a pair of pontoons and a deck, like a catamaran. Except this ‘boat’ is sized for standing up and paddling, like a paddleboard. What this hybrid board is called is a challenge. It’s a plurality. About equal numbers call it catasup or standamaran. supCAT boards clearly has a preference as well. Our boards are made to order, and built based on a design co-created with the buyer, so there are several fun options to look at and decide upon. If you’re a racer, a raceCAT might just be what you are after. a raceCAT is the same catasup, standamaran, supCAT – but with longer pontoons, a smaller deck and a couple of connectors fore and aft of the deck to help stiffen the longer pontoons. Built for racing.

As ever, it’s all good, as long as you are out enjoying planet Earth’s amazing waters!