Part Paddleboard Part Catamaran

supcat padamaran catasup standamaran

Most woods commonly used in boatbuilding tend to be a shade of brown. Wood is just that way. Then there is white pine. It is in fact kind of whit(ish). I call it bone or ivory or cream, but it is much lighter in color than cedar. Also, it’s almost as light in weight as cedar and even more, it takes dyes pretty well. The supCAT above is white pine with red and blue dyes applied to the surface prior to layering on the fiberglass and epoxy.

Winter has taken away my preferred paddling places. That leaves the shop as my favorite place that is not encased in ice. The next supCAT is in mind, on paper, and on the strongback right now. Like the supCAT pictured above, the part I enjoy the most is designing the deck. This is no slight to the pontoons or the dimensions. The custom deck is one of the main things that sets this apart from other boards. The design above was inspired from an old Chris Craft barrel back boat that was full of angles and straight lines. In doing that blue and red design, I realized that I did not need to work with straight lines. Curves were possible. Enter the current build.

The supCAT on the strongback has a deck with curves in it. White pine, in addition to its color (or lack of), is also fairly flexible, so it allows for bending, which is something that I am enjoying more – the more that I do it.

So if pontoons and a deck are part of what you like, and you like designs in wood that involve curves, then I hope you’ll come back from time to time and watch this curvy deck build progress.