Waiting for Spring…..

If you like to paddle and you have a brand new dry suit, March Madness means the time a paddler has to wait until there is open water that can be paddled. That time is right now and looks to continue for a little while longer, depending on which way the wind blows and if any current is around to keep the water open.Start of Spring Water As the picture shows, there is a tiny bit of open water, so it’s starting. Not yet enough to abate spring fever, but better than nothing.

Saturday was a beautiful day, which led to my taking a little drive around Lake Kegonsa. The northwest corner of the lake is open. This makes sense, since this is where the Yahara river flows into the lake. The river is open all the way up to Mud Lake, again this makes sense. There is enough current to keep the water open.

And then there is the south side of the lake. Where my favorite landing is. The video is what I encountered when I drove by to check for open water.

This is a midwest winter at its best. Sailors must suffer from spring fever, like paddlers do. So at some point, some clever sailor figured out ice boating and the rest is history.

Happily, I can go to the river and get a paddle in, once my dry suit arrives from the NRS warehouse in Moscow, ID. And I guess I can enjoy the latest bit of Wisconsin’s winter culture that this weekend turned up.

c’mon open water!