On the Water. Enjoy.

Lindsey-on-SUPcat-blogSimple is best right? Sometimes that means just getting some fresh air. Maybe some sun. Likely a few mosquito bites.

Sometimes though, amazing things happen.

A few years back my wife and I were out for a paddle. Earlyish spring as I recall. Definitely not swimming temps, but short sleeves were fine. We were on the Yahara river just up from where it flows into Lake Kegonsa. I was on a paddleboard, she was in a kayak. Water was low and clear. And shallow. I looked over at her and then I looked back at my paddle as it moved through the water.

I was also looking at the sturgeon swimming right under my paddle. Absolutely amazing. Talk about prehistoric. That beast of a fish had to have been five feet long with scales on its back the size of quarters. A big, slow moving, sinuous chunk of muscle slowly moving upstream without a care in the world. I stood there and watched. No one else could see it. My wife had the wrong angle, so the sun was reflecting off the water surface. There was another boat, but it also had the wrong angle. I had the right angle for the biggest fish I have ever seen. It was quite something.

All from a simple paddle on a fine spring day.

Another spring and open water draws closer every day. When it arrives, and it will, be sure and get out and enjoy it! Who knows what the water will reveal.