supCAT Down the River


I am lucky to live within any easy drive of a fabulous river. Sauk City, WI marks the start of a 92 mile long free flowing stretch of the Wisconsin River that ends with the Wisco flowing into the Mississippi.

Over Labor Day weekend my wife and I loaded up with the usual ‘stuff’, took two cars (dropped one off at the Arena landing) and boogied back upstream to the landing under the bridge as you enter Sauk City. Could not be an easier start.

Perfect conditions, especially a fabulous sandbar right across the river from the ever scenic Ferry Bluff. The image above is our sandbar campsite. The images below are more pics from the Sunday Monday float down the river, which was the first one with our new SUP tester, Sula.

The supCAT paddled nicely. I think the Wisconsin is ideal for paddleboards, especially at this low water time of year. The trusty 16-foot Wenonah family truckster canoe admirably carried the gear and Sula, the puppy (we put a pad on the bottom that made things nicer for her btw). This left the supCAT to carry the paddler, a flyrod, and a water bottle.

My wife and I took turns in each boat, with the current doing its share of the work.

Sandbar camping is superb. Try it, I think you’ll like it. I sure do. I really like a supCAT too, by the way.